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Stan Peterman’s Magical Mushroom Bars

Stan Peterman’s Magical Mushroom Bars

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SP Labs LLC strives to create straightforward products with bioavailability levels that are proven to be effective. Microdosing mushrooms have been used to yield positive nootropic effects for many centuries. We are not attempting to revolutionize microdosing, but to facilitate an easy daily routine that is conducive to overall wellness. We made a 10 dose Chocolate bar in 10 flavors to expand the choices you have when it comes to microdosing. 

Our Magical Mushroom Bars are crafted with the finest chocolates sourced from renowned makers including Calibert, Godiva, Teuscher and Valrhona.

Microdosing is an excellent choice for a wide variety of users, with many customers reporting significant benefits from taking the Daily Dose Mushroom Nootropics. These benefits often extend to enhanced stress management and improved lifestyle organization.

To reduce the need for multiple supplements to reach our goals, this supplement contains multiple beneficial ingredients...

SP Signature Blend- a neurological support supplement consisting of a complex blend of nootropic mushrooms. Combining Shiitake, Chaga, Reshi, Turnkey and Lions Mane Mushrooms in to a simple easy to absorb complex.  Lowering blood pressure, adding natural source of Vitamin B and D, improving circulation and overall blood health. 

SP Magical Blend- a microdose blend of mushrooms that have shown the ability to fight against depression by stimulating the 5-HT 1A receptors in the brain, supporting the receptors with the mushroom blend for an uplift and increased clarity. 

Recommend Dosing: Consume 1 square (9g) each day, ideally in the morning with a meal. Make sure to drink 16oz of water to help optimize outcomes. Hydration is key for achieving the desired effects 3.5g of active product per square. 


No FDA evaluation has been carried out on this product and no medical assertions have been made. The statements above are based on customer testimonials. Should any adverse effects occur, seek medical advice immediately.

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